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SOUL NUTRITION E-NEWSLETTER                                                                           OCTOBER 2012

Connecting To The Month Of Renewal


The energy of this month is renewal. It's a time to let go of the past outdated concepts and the limited visions of how we see our lives. This is the time to expand your spiritual awareness and transform your health, relationships, work and every area of your life to the way you have always dreamt it to be.  It's important to do the inner work and tend to whatever still needs attention, with love and gratitude. There always needs to be that balance between effort and grace.

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Written by Ara Wiseman

This is a time of harvesting, setting priorities and clarifying our intentions, thinking about new projects and goals. We need to be open for new ideas, experiences and use our creativity to manifest our desires. Every second of every minute is a new opportunity with possibilities, that is presenting itself to you but you will miss it if you are channel surfing, going over conversations, or your to-do-list in your head and not being present and in this moment.

It's important to realize that the past doesn't exist. All you have is the present, the now, so why limit it with the heavy baggage we all tend to carry with us everywhere we go? We are all endowed with free will, which means we can choose our thoughts. We are not bound to the past and really have no need to carry its baggage. So why do we?
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Fat Burning Supplements

Fat Burning Supplements

Written by Frances Michaelson

Forget everything you have heard and read about the latest and greatest fat burning supplement. I  have one better and it really works! Do I have your attention? I probably do, because no matter who you are, you will always listen with one ear, to a marketing ploy like this.

There is no question that everyone is searching for that "magic pill" that would melt the fat away and create that perfect body that we would love to have, with no effort. The truth however, is that it does not exist. I am so sorry to tell you that even Dr. Oz is leading you on.

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Soy Beans

What You Should Know About GMOs

By Bill Potalivo

My interest in GMOs began a few years ago as I was researching online. I was curious as to why I had developed an allergy to soy, after results from a food allergy test showed a very high sensitivity to soy. What I discovered was that soy allergies have skyrocketed since the mid 1990's, at the same time that genetically modified soy was introduced to the market.
This led me to further research GMOs. I would like to share this information, since many people today are still not aware of what GMOs are.

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Anti-aging Seminar October 23rd from 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Do you want to learn ways to slow down or stop the aging process?

Have you noticed that as your age is increasing, so are the numbers on the scale, fine lines, wrinkles and those dreaded bags under your eyes?

Are you noticing that you may not have that "get up and go" that you did before?

As we get older, "energy becomes a commodity".

Join me at the beautiful Rayne Spa for an interactive seminar. Learn what you can do, to increase energy and look and feel amazing both inside and out!

Contact Rayne Spa to reserve your spot!

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Set up your Corporate On-Site Nutrition Programs today!

How wonderful would it be to have efficient, happy, healthy employees with a bounce in their step?

Let's face it healthy employees have more energy, reduced stress and less absenteeism all of which results in lower benefit program costs, worker's compensation and disability expenses.

The positive return on your investment in employee "wellness" comes in the form of increased job satisfaction, productivity and retention, enhanced company image and higher profits.

To discuss the nutrition and wellness needs of your organization, please contact us at or (416) 876-8155


Yoga & Meditation Classes with Helen Mittelman 

Held in the comfort of your work place, condominium & home

Hatha and Raja Yoga is a wonderful way to unwind after a stressful day, to stretch the muscles and joints, improve flexibility, breathe more completely and achieve a feeling of wellness for the entire body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Welcome each day with more joy, energy, flexibility and calmness.

Contact Helen Mittelman, Certified Hatha and Raja Yoga Teacher at


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