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Ara Wiseman Nutrition & Healing

SOUL NUTRITION E-NEWSLETTER                                                                           NOVEMBER 2012

Connecting To The Month Of Reflection


The energy of this month is reflection and integration. When we look outside, we can see that the leaves that have turned those beautiful fall colors are now off the trees and there is a chill in the air, as the temperature is getting colder.  As we look at the barren trees, we can witness the cycles of life and nature and reflect on the cycles of our own lives.  Just as nature appears to have gone inward, we too should focus our attention inward. The days are getting shorter and the nights longer, it is getting into the darkest time of the year, yet it is a time of inward expansiveness, and going forward in life. 

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Spirit: Female Energy


Written by Ara Wiseman

Just as the trees have shed their leaves, we can shed the parts of ourselves that we tend to focus on, that are no longer serving us and begin to turn our attention inward, to the real parts of ourselves that is below the surface reality. Quite often we create circumstances in our lives, set up roadblocks, in order to concentrate on something else, thus preventing us from looking closely at ourselves or our situations.
We create external problems including; health issues, eating issues, work issues, relationship issues, that take our attention away from the real issue -- you.

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Tree of Life

Daily Rituals

Written by Steffi Black

Let's face it: We live in a busy and stressful environment, but that does not mean we have to always feel overwhelmed, in fact, there some simple ways to keep calm in the midst of chaos and to feel more grounded in our daily lives. I will share 5 simple rituals that you can easily incorporate into your day to reap the benefits very quickly.

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An awe-inspiring video full of wisdom and beauty

By Louie Schwartzberg


Anti-aging Seminar November 24th from 12:00 - 2:00 pm

Do you want to learn ways to slow down or stop the aging process?

Why do we age?
What can you do to regenerate and restore your metabolic system back to a healthy, optimal functioning system?

Have you noticed that as your age is increasing, so are the numbers on the scale, fine lines, wrinkles and those dreaded bags under your eyes?

Are you noticing that you may not have that "get up and go" that you did before?

As we get older, "energy becomes a commodity".

Join me at the beautiful Rayne Spa for an interactive seminar. Learn what you can do, to increase energy and look and feel amazing both inside and out!

Contact Rayne Spa to reserve your spot!

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Set up your Corporate On-Site Nutrition Programs today!

How wonderful would it be to have efficient, happy, healthy employees with a bounce in their step?

Let's face it healthy employees have more energy, reduced stress and less absenteeism all of which results in lower benefit program costs, worker's compensation and disability expenses.

The positive return on your investment in employee "wellness" comes in the form of increased job satisfaction, productivity and retention, enhanced company image and higher profits.

To discuss the nutrition and wellness needs of your organization, please contact us at or (416) 876-8155 

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Yoga & Meditation Classes with Helen Mittelman 

Held in the comfort of your work place, condominium & home

Hatha and Raja Yoga is a wonderful way to unwind after a stressful day, to stretch the muscles and joints, improve flexibility, breathe more completely and achieve a feeling of wellness for the entire body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Welcome each day with more joy, energy, flexibility and calmness.

Contact Helen Mittelman, Certified Hatha and Raja Yoga Teacher at


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