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July 2014

Connecting To The Month Of Accountability


I chose this month to talk about accountability. Why is it that we choose to accept the lowest common denominator when it comes to our health? It is as though we have a pebble in our shoe and instead of removing it, we find ways to walk around with it.

I spoke to someone recently who has arthritis and instead of seeking alternative therapies and making necessary lifestyle changes, is accepting it because she is in her 50s and views it as an age appropriate illness.

What about all those medications people are taking? Why not make some changes in your lifestyle and get off the medications or at the very least reduce them?

Why is it so difficult to eat healthier? You have all the resources at your fingertips. We need to be accountable for our health and take responsibility for it and not just accept symptoms as age-related.

How do you do it? Seek alternative solutions, start looking after yourself and not expecting someone else to do it for you. Book an appointment with us and get rid of that pebble, so you walk comfortably in your own shoes and enjoy your life!

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Are You Constipated?

Written by Natalia Hnatiw

Chances are, you are constipated. Did you know that the average 45-year-old person has about 10lbs of built up fecal matter in their colon? That’s a lot of poop. This lack of elimination can largely be blamed on years of inadequate water and dietary fiber intake, as well as the predominant Standard American Diet (SAD) that many people adhere to. Other factors contributing to constipation include drug use, iron supplements, environmental toxicity, stress and lack of exercise. It’s no wonder that the majority of us are constipated.

Are you under the perception that everyone is different, and there is no set “normal” when it comes to passing stool? If you’re eating three regular meals a day, ideally you should be going three times a day. If you are going less than that, you may be constipated. Not eliminating as much as one should leads to a buildup of toxins in the body, and these toxins simply circulate throughout the body. The sad fact is that many people are constipated their entire lives, thinking that it’s normal.

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Diet and Disease

Written by Ara Wiseman

I have been seeing clients for many years and the one thing that many of them seem to have in common is a lack of understanding of the impact food has on their health.

Why is it that we neglect to consider that the food we are putting into our body is a major contributor to our lack of health and vitality?

I have been asked to speak for a lot of different organizations, cancer being one of them, and I am always surprised to see that the food being served consists of coffee, cheese, sweets, fatty foods, soft drinks and yes, even cheesy pizza with pepperoni.

We are all addicted to something, whether it’s sugar, caffeine, that glass of wine at the end of the day, salty snacks, cigarettes, pain medication, marijuana, etc.

When we indulge in stimulating foods or substances we end up disturbing the delicate balance, or equilibrium, in our body and brain chemistry and set ourselves up for cravings and health problems. This can affect our sleep and our ability to handle stress, causing hormonal imbalances and mood fluctuations including depression, decreasing valuable energy needed to accomplish our goals.

Caffeine, for instance, depletes you of minerals and is a central nervous system stimulant. Your body doesn’t need it, but you’re addicted. Have you ever noticed the people standing in line at Starbucks in the morning waiting to get their fix? I, unfortunately, am one of those people. Green tea is my choice of a morning stimulant, which ends up depleting me of magnesium. I don’t want to give up my green tea, so I take magnesium to balance it out. It’s a crazy cycle, isn’t it?

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Chaga: The Diamond of the Forest

Written by Tara Portelli

Chaga: The Diamond of the Forest

When you stumble upon a tall birch tree and you look up to admire the unique colour and texture of its bark, your eyes may drift to the sight of a black, coal-like fungi extending from the trunk. Although not visually pleasing, what you may not realize is that each layer of this fungus contains a multitude of unique medicinal properties that are not found anywhere else within the plant kingdom. Dense in nutrients like antioxidants and B vitamins, this mushroom has amazing cancer-fighting capabilities.

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Written by Steffi Black

As a famous quote attributed to Buddha says,"If you propose to speak, always ask yourself, is it true, is it necessary, is it kind.” So, in this season of warmth and sunshine, take the time to ask yourself where kindness plays a role in your daily life. It’s amazing how powerful an act that is to commit to whether it is during Random Acts of Kindness Week or during one day a week.

As a kindness coach who does workshops in schools and corporations, I often ask my family to share what kind acts they did on Friday when we sit down for Shabbat dinner. It’s a simple exercise in speaking to the power of kindness and sharing how we feel when we take the time to help others.

If you are looking for a way to involve your school or your corporation in more kind acts, please follow up with me at:

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How wonderful would it be to have efficient, happy, healthy employees with a bounce in their step?

Let’s face it healthy employees have more energy, reduced stress and less absenteeism all of which results in lower benefit program costs, worker’s compensation and disability expenses.

The positive return on your investment in employee ‘wellness’ comes in the form of increased job satisfaction, productivity and retention, enhanced company image and higher profits.

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A Smoother You

My new book on cellulite will be released in the next couple of months! I have been doing extensive research and I am so excited to share it with you. 

The book explains how the condition of our skin is a reflection of what is happening in our bodies at the cellular level. The way you have lived your life up until now and the accumulation of all the things you have done, is reflected in the condition of your skin. Our thoughts and perceptions of the things that occur in our day to day lives, plays the biggest role in our stress level and in how we feel. Stress affects our hormones and our hormones affect the condition of our skin. All of our thoughts affect us on the cellular level because when we are thinking, our cells are listening. 

The good news is that you can always turn things around and improve the condition of your skin. Your body is infinitely forgiving and renewable and is contiuously striving for balance. It is never too late to renew both your mind and body with healthy stategies.

A smoother you is your comprehensive companion on the road to healthier living, and will help you look and feel better inside and out!  

To read an excerpt, please go to:

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