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Connecting To The Month Of Staying Positive


The energy of this month is about staying positive. The days seem shorter and the nights are longer, yet this is the month of miracles and light. Chanukah is the holiday of miracles that occurs during the darkest time of the year and is celebrated by lighting candles. From this we can learn a deep truth about life; there is light amidst the darkness and there is always light available to us. The light in the darkness shines even more brightly because darkness surrounds it. As you drive through your neighborhood you can see all the houses lit up and the Christmas trees are festive with lights and decorations.This light can illuminate for us where we may still be feeling stuck in our lives, and guide us on our path.

It's important this month to stay positive, as it is the time of year when we tend to be feeling more stressed, with family obligations, errands, shopping, planning, cooking and coordinating family and friends. Many people end up feeling worn out, tense, and fragile and we need to remind ourselves of the real purpose of the holidays; connecting, healing and strengthening relationships. Remember there is light shining brightly this month.

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Meditating Dog

A Healthy Approach to the Holidays

Written by Ara Wiseman

With the holidays fast approaching, feeling stressed shouldn't be inevitable but it seems to be for many of us. Whether it's trying to get all your shopping done, finding parking at malls, planning, cooking, or trying to coordinate with your family and friends, you're likely to be feeling overwhelmed by obligations and errands. I recently read an article written by psychologist Mark Gorkin, who summed the holiday experience into the four F's - Fantasies, Family, Finance and Food. I would add one more, Fatigue which is oftentimes caused by all the sugar, over indulgences in food, alcohol, parties, shopping (malls seem to sap your energy), lack of sleep and the list goes on. Here are my thoughts on the four F's.

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Graduating From Our Past

Written by Nicole Amber

When we are born we are only conscious of our present journey called life. We don't remember anything prior to this. We come to reach higher levels of love and acceptance for ourselves as we are now, through our experiences. Until we arrive to this Knowing, we experience recurring patterns in our life, reliving the past and blocking the fulfillment of the Light from entering our present and future.
So why is it that we continually remember our past experiences and hold onto them? Because often it's more comfortable than changing through letting go of the identity we have attached to ourselves. However comfortable this may feel, it doesn't serve us in the long run and can lead to a lot of stress, pain and suffering.

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A New Dream video
Metta ~ contemplating loving kindness

By Don Miguel Ruiz


Holiday Eating Tips

1. Plan ahead and create a plan for incorporating good nutrition and an exercise plan into your daily routine. Evaluate your holiday time and then determine how much time you will realistically be able to devote to yoga, exercise and eating healthy meals.

2. Get your body moving at least an hour a day during the holidays. Exercise to burn calories, relieve stress, and elevate your endorphins and mood. Take a brisk walk, practice yoga, go to the gym or dance around your house. When you exercise, you can enjoy your meal 'guilt free'.

3. Don't skip meals. Hunger and low blood sugar lead to overeating.

4. Don't run on empty; don't go to a party starving. Before you leave home, eat something like an apple with some almond butter or hummus, a piece of fruit, or have a hemp protein smoothie. I call this defensive eating. Also drink a lot of water the day of the party.

5. When you attend holiday festivities, don't station yourself near the buffet table. Be selective, taste only the foods you really want to eat. Nibble on raw veggies with hummus. Skip the fried appetizers. Bring a healthy dish with you.

6. When you shop, eat before you leave home and bring healthy snacks with you. Park far away (you'll probably have no choice) take the steps instead of the elevator, incorporate extra walking wherever you can on your shopping extravaganza, so your credit cards won't be the only thing getting a workout!

Take a meditative moment at least once a day to breathe deeply, and clear your mind of all the clutter and be grateful for all that you have.
Enjoy the season, not just the food!


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